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Play is the highest form of research...

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Baby Room (3months-2years)

Our baby room is designed to provide a calming atmosphere where babies can thrive with warm, supportive relationships with staff. The child: staff ratio is 1:3. Within the baby room we provide a range of opportunities along with a range of simulating resources to encourage the child’s natural curiosity. Books, Singing games and nursery rhymes are planned into their daily routines. Outdoor play we  provided soft mats and blankets to allow them the opportunity to explore/enjoy their natural environment safely.


We have a sleep room which is accessible alongside the baby room which is furnished with cots and beds. Our qualified staff will follow your child's routine and cater to their care plan.


We fully implement the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) framework. The purpose of this framework is to provide support, information and guidance for all those who care for babies and young children and recognises their individuality, efforts and achievements. Children will progress through Nursery at their own pace depending upon both age and ability. We encourage child led play and will follow their interest, in which we expand and provide opportunities to learn and grow.  And of course we will love your child almost as much as you do. At the end of each session room staff will give a verbal account of your child's day along with a written daily sheet which records sleeps, what's been eaten, nappy changes etc.


Cheeky Monkey's are currently using Tapestry which is an online learning journal. You will be able to see how your child is progressing and what they get up to! Each child will be allocated their own key worker who will act as the crucial link between home and Nursery. 

Toddlers (2-3's)

During the day, our Toddler's have access to a safe and stimulating environment which has different areas to explore (7areas of learning). We provide a continuous provision of sand/water, messy play, construction, puzzles, role play and also a cosy corner for reading stories and relaxing. All of our resources and activity areas are appropriate for the age group and designed to promote and stimulate your child’s development, learning and independence. The nursery day is structured for the children to be able to explore both inside and outside!


Both Adult-led and Child-led activities are promoted throughout the nursery to enhance their learning experiences.  

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Preschool (3-5's)

In the Preschool room we focus on preparing the children for when they go to school; getting them into a routine of a school day. Children in this room begin to play as part of a group.

All resources within this environment will help to develop all aspects of their learning. All of the resources and equipment are stored at the children’s level to allow them to make independent choices in the activities that they wish to take part in, the emphasis is that learning is fun and stimulating. The children in the preschool room begin to be more independent in their self-care. We encourage them to take responsibility for example self-registering (finding their banana and placing it on their classroom door),putting their shoes on, washing their hands and using the toilet independently, along with access to a variety of resources this will encourage the development of the children’s self-esteem by aiding their ability to make their own choices and decisions throughout the day.

We follow the Jolly Phonics which aids in their reading and writing skills - along with this we look at name recognition and practising letter formation. The Preschool room has access to the outdoor space which enables them to engage in opportunities in the outdoors as well as in their classroom throughout the day.

Our Early Years Educators will ensure that this learning environment is interesting, accessible and inviting to every child. All children will be able to learn independently, with supportive adults alongside them to share their journey. 


There is nothing like the great outdoors! We at Cheeky Monkeys believe that the outdoors is the best classroom, the natural environment provides endless learning opportunities!


We have a lovely outdoor space, an area at the top and bottom. We ensure that we provide the same learning opportunities as inside (if not more).We have lots of wonderful outdoor play opportunities, such as the mud kitchen, digging pit, bug hotel and sand box.


We have a six seater buggy which we love to take the children out in. We go to the Park, nature walks, the Library, down the embankment to feed the ducks and lots more!

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