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Places will be offered to parents on a first come first served basis, provided that the Nursery can accommodate the days, sessions and age of the child without exceeding the staff-child ratios or the quota of children set by the Local Authority.

On enrolment of a child the parent will be required to pay a deposit that will be refunded when the child leaves the nursery provided that six weeks notice is given. The parent will at that time be asked to complete an Enrolment Pack and inside is a copy of our terms and conditions.

Before your child is due to start, we ask for them to attend two play sessions. Both being half hour sessions, this is a necessary requirement in introducing the child to the Nursery staff to facilitate a positive relationship from the outset and gain the child’s trust. This process may take longer depending on the needs of the child, together we will work with you to ensure your child settles in as smoothly as we can.


We are open from Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm. (6:00pm extended hours) 

We are open 50 weeks of the year!

Enrolment Pack:

For more information call

01234 216147

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