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At Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery, we promote healthy eating and this view is reflected in our varied menus.


We are committed to providing freshly prepared, healthy and delicious meals which our children will enjoy. All menus are prepared on site by our in-house Cook, who freshly prepares snacks and meals in our fully equipped on-site kitchen. All meals are included in the fees paid for by parents. Marta creates a new menu weekly and we are more than happy to cater to different dietary requirements. We encourage comments and suggestions from Parents/Carers with meal ideas. We only serve Halal meat.


All of our meals meet the government’s compulsory minimum nutritional requirements such as:

– A balanced diet with a lot of varied meals

– Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables

– Minimal use of salt and sugar within our meals

– Plenty of food high in calcium and iron

– Provide a diverse menu, which facilitates to develop children’s tastes

In planning the menu we take account of individual dietary needs and aim to provide both a nutritious and varied range of meals and snacks.

We also provide Breakfast, we offer fruit, cereals and toast.

If you would prefer you can provide your child with a healthy packed lunch box.

A healthy lunchbox includes:

·        Brown or wholemeal sandwiches rolls and wraps

·        Protein-rich snacks such as tuna, chicken and legumes

·        Vegetable sticks like carrots, cucumbers, and celery

·        Pasta, rice, potato, quinoa and couscous salads

·        Hummus, tzatziki or other dips for the veggie sticks

·        Fresh fruit: apples, mandarins, kiwis, bananas and berries

·        Unprocessed cheese

·        Natural yoghurt: avoid flavoured yoghurts with high sugar content and additives

·        Water: at least 2 bottles per day

·        Fresh juice: avoid processed juice as it can have a high sugar content

We know that for some, a healthy lunchbox may sound boring but there are a few ways you can make it a bit more exciting. Buy your child a colourful lunchbox and water bottle with their favourite characters, slice some food such as vegetables and sandwiches into interesting shapes with a cookie cutter or even let your child choose from the healthy snacks what they would like to take to nursery each day.

Lunchbox ideas and recipes – Healthier Families - NHS (



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