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Cheeky Monkeys Two Day Nursery

Play. Learn. Grow. 







Our Aims

At Cheeky Monkeys we take massive amounts of pride in the education and care that goes into every single child that comes through our doors.

Our aim is to make sure that each and every child that sets foot in our nursery is cared for like our own and for the time that your children spend with us at our nursery, we ensure that they are backed by…

  • A strong & competent team trained for the sole focus of guiding & educating each child through a successful and happy time at our nursery

  • We ensure that our activities fun & highly educational in helping each child learn to become a caring and happy person learning to share & socialise with others.

  • Every lesson is designed to teach each child the values of manners helping them form healthy habits & friendships as they grow

  • We take pride in helping each child find their own independence through giving each child tasks and responsibilities during activities & play time

  • Every child that joins Cheeky Monkeys is guaranteed to leave being much more competent & confident in all areas of learning.


And so much more…


If there is one core value we STRONGLY believe in it is…


Making sure each child leaves our nursery Happy & Confident always knowing “what a great time” they have at cheeky monkeys & most importantly…

That each parent is exceptionally satisfied with the level of care & service they get for their children knowing that cheeky monkeys helped play an important role in their child’s early years.

Come inside and take a peek...

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What Parents Think

"Great nursery and amazing teachers. My Daughter has been there since she was 8 months old till she started reception at school. All the teachers have been great not only to her, but also to me as a parent. Very friendly and supportive. Thank you!" 

- Zuzana

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